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Paradox Insight

IOS için Insight Sistem Kontrol Yazılımı
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Introducing Paradox Insight™. It’s all the app you need to monitor and control what’s going on in your home or business while you’re on-the-go, directly from your iPhone. Now you can access unlimited live HD video and audio streaming anywhere, anytime and make informed decisions in real time. Or you may just want to check in on your loved ones while you’re away from home. 

Equipped with an advanced HD video camera, you can see and hear events as they happen, day or night. The Paradox Insight™ app lets you access HD Video on Demand (VOD), Record on Demand (ROD) or Record on Motion (ROM). When an alarm is triggered, the HD camera provides instant video verification, sending you and our Central Monitoring System (CMS) instant alerts. View events in progress and respond accordingly by contacting the police, first responders, or anyone on your iPhone contact list.

No need to second guess, now that you have real insight. 

Wait! There’s more…

- Access up to 4 HD77 PIR cameras; view streaming video, including HD video and audio

- Secure multiple locations controlled in a single system
- Manage entire system from your mobile device, including arm/disarm, user permissions, and media files
- Receive/respond to alerts; contact police, fire dept., or Central Monitoring System (CMS) using the panic button in the app, or call anyone on your phone’s contact list 
-Define/protect user privacy; 
-Build a network of up to 8 people you trust to receive alerts

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